"Building For the Future"

Great Grace

Partners, Ministry Partners and Friends: We pray this letter finds you blessed!  Over the past few months as a leadership we have felt an increasing urgency to begin a search for a new and permanent home for Great Grace International.  We feel it is now time to pursue "ownership" of a facility that will provide us a home to grow in!  Equally, we desire as a fellowship to steward our resources in a faithful manner.  Leasing a property does not allow us this opportunity of stewardship.  Therefore, we feel that ownership must be our next step of action.  Most importantly all of this is in response to a strong prophetic directive that we have been given by a very trusted prophetic voice with the promise that The Lord has a building for us!  As the Lord speaks, so we desire to obey the word of The Lord! It is with great joy and excitement that we are beginning our "Building for the Future" Campaign.  We are asking all of our Partners, Ministry Partners, and Friends to seriously and prayerfully consider how they may help fund our Building Campaign.  Our initial goal is to raise $250k to fund the securing of a property / building.   Would you please consider how you could be involved?  Giving to the project can be done in a few differing manners.  You can give through our weekly gatherings on Sunday and Wednesday.  Equally, there is a Building Fund tab on our website www.ggicc.org that allows you to give into the project.  Also, you can call our local offices at (210) 372-0414 and arrange to give. Thank you for partnering with us in our next step towards the future of Great Grace International.  Blessings to you, your family and your ministries!